Case Studies

Client: FirstCo for Heathrow Express

Location: Royal Oak, London & Heathrow

Project: Train Describer & Train Information Displays

  • Heathrow ExpressConfigured the connection to an RSSQL server for the static timetable
  • Produced ControlLogix code to communicate via both channels of an MVI module to two off Network Rail/Bombardier Train Describer (TD) channels - Branch Line and Main Line berth movements
  • Decode the signals into a live timetable in the PLC
  • Update all of the Train Information Displays (TIDs - text displays shown in photograph to the right) via a second MVI module
  • Integrate the system into the existing RSView32 ADS SCADA system
  • Communicate to the Public Address and Fire Alarm PLCs over Ethernet/IP
  • Commissioned the system

This project is relied upon by millions of people every year.

Client: Arla Foods

Location: Nairn, Scotland

Project: CIP Set

  • Arla Foods TopologyConfigured 5 off IFM AS-i Valve and digital I/O Networks
  • Configured 5 off Profibus PA Instrumentation Networks:-
    • 5 off Endress & Hauser Smartec S PA Conductivity/Temperature Transmitters
    • 1 off Endress & Hauser iTemp PA Temperature Transmitters
    • 13 off Endress & Hauser Liquiphant PA Level Switches
    • 1 off Siemens Sipart PS2 PA Control Valve Positioner
  • Configured the APV Accos Communications via a Profibus DP/DP Coupler
  • Programmed the PLC (Siemens S7 315-2DP)
  • Programmed the HMI (Siemens TP270 10")
  • Configured the Tele-service dial-in adaptor on the MPI network
  • Commissioned the system

Client: Garrandale Systems Ltd. for the Lear Corporation

Location: Nottingham

Project: Twin Robot Cell

The plant controls a turntable, clamps and two weld robots to assemble Nissan and Ford car seats. The robots communicate to a TCP (Tool Centre Point) Bull's-Eye and to a WTI Weld Print for quality monitoring.

  • Twin Robot CellConfigured the Profibus DP I/O Network to Wago Remote I/O on the jigs and to the ABB Robots
  • Programmed the PLC (Siemens S7 315-2DP)
  • Programmed the HMI (Siemens MP370)
  • Programmed the 2 off ABB Robots
  • Programmed interface to the WTI Weld Print recorder
  • Commissioned the system